Audacious Compassion 015 – Four Pints in a Gallon

How do you deal with someone who makes assumptions about people based on hasty categorization?

Our prompt comes from Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange user Xander (original and abridged version ccbysa3.0):

A close relative was recently engaged to this very sweet and friendly woman (aged 24) who happens to have a rather bad trait. She’s very quick to pigeonhole people. Meaning she places people in categories without fully getting to know them or acknowledging all their qualities. And then proceeds to treat them with that misconception.

I discussed it briefly with a couple of family members and we’re pretty much sure that she doesn’t know that she’s doing it or what she’s doing is hurting others.

How can I approach her and let her know that what she’s hurting her relationship with others and especially her soon-to-be family?

We also talk about Star Trek: Discovery, Trekabout, Waypoint Radio, and the newly redesigned Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator.

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