Audacious Compassion 028 – January 2019 Update

Another short episode this month, and our final scheduled episode until we receive a prompt. We focus mostly on some media that’s been inspiring us:

  • Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle and the crushing feeling of looooong-running projects.
  • Hbomberguy‘s massive Twitch stream of Donkey Kong 64 in support of the Mermaids charity. Famous folks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chelsea Manning showed up to show their support.

We also talked about our recent projects:

  • Gregory’s podcast Tabletop Garden, which is now fully in its second campaign, called “Ego Driver.”
  • Our Future Proof Podcast episodes of December and January, where we conduct some strategic business meetings. Some stuff is cut, but we think it provides a bit of insight into how we work.

If you’d like to see a normal episode, send us a prompt! Let us know about an everyday situation where it’s hard for you to stay empathetic or compassionate to:

Audacious Compassion

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Audacious Compassion 027 – Holiday Update 2018

No full episode this month, but we give an update on how we’re doing and plug our other work:

  • Melissa’s publishing a trip diary of their Christmas trip to Nuremberg!
  • Gregory has been working on revamping and improving their Patreon.
  • Gregory has a new podcast called Tabletop Garden, where you can listen to short roleplaying campaigns with interesting characters crafted with a focus on intentional, healthy play practices.
  • Very soon we’ll be releasing a special episode of the Future Proof Podcast where you can listen in on a strategy meeting as we figure out where we want to take the company.
  • Gregory is working on a new episode of Ludus Novus, their podcast about the art of interaction.

If you’d like to see a normal episode next month, provide us with a prompt! Send us an everyday situation where it’s difficult for you to stay empathetic or compassionate to:

Audacious Compassion 026 – Schrödinger’s Ableist

We talk about how to persuade people to be compassionate.

This is a combined October/November episode, with a transcription coming soon! Our prompt came from a friend of the show:

So yeah, like, I play a lot of video games, like you do, and I consider myself open-minded and respectful of other people while playing. I play with a lot of friends who sometimes use certain language that might offend someone of another ethnicity or gender. I try my best to let them know that this kind of behavior is not nice and might scare off anybody else (women/transgender/another race) away from playing video games.  How can I deal with situations like this?

Gregory discussed Unsong, an online book about morality, Kabbalah, and what happens after the world ends. Melissa discussed Naughty No More: Change Unwanted Behaviors Through Positive Reinforcement, a book about training cats. (Other cat behavior management book suggestions are welcome!)

If you have a submission of an everyday situation where it’s difficult for you to stay empathetic or compassionate, write us at:

Audacious Compassion 025 – Ramen Philosophy

We talk about demonstrating active compassion in the face of systemic injustice.

Our prompt came from a friend of the show and was paraphrased from a verbal conversation:

I really like your show, but I have a hard time figuring out how to apply your ideas. I work in an industry where I see active misogyny all the time, but even being a small business owner, I don’t feel like I have any power to help the people around me. If I refuse to work with a supplier or bank because they treat women like shit, they won’t even notice. I’m not doing well enough to hire more than a temp employee, and I put my own livelihood at risk if I call people out. How do I keep from feeling powerless and how do I act compassionately instead of just feeling angry about what I see?

As resources for battling altruism fatigue, we recommend Kelsey Piper, who blogs at and is newly a staff writer for Vox; and DeRay McKesson, a civil rights organizer, activist, and writer.

Melissa discussed friend of the show Lucy Arnold. Gregory discussed LeftTube, including ContraPoints, Philosophy Tube, Shaun, HBomberGuy, Lindsay Ellis, and Folding Ideas. ContraPoints’s recent video, “Incels,” is embedded below.

If you have a submission of an everyday situation where it’s difficult for you to stay empathetic or compassionate, write us at: