Audacious Compassion 022.5 – A Brief Message

No episode this month! We didn’t receive a listener prompt, and we’ve decided not to make a habit of coming up with topics just for the sake of making an episode. If you have a question or topic surrounding everyday compassion, write Share the podcast with a friend, and let us know if you have a recommendation for communities that would want to know about our show!

Audacious Compassion 022 – Two Spaces Per Tab

We discuss bikeshedding, which is when people discussing solutions for a large, complex problem bog themselves down in minutia.

In this episode, we examine a situation in which a discussion about redesigning healthcare in the United States becomes hyper-focused on one aspect of American health and lifestyle.

Content warnings for this episode: discussions of anti-fat sentiment, transphobia, and a brief mention of suicide.

We also talk about the Stardew Valley, NHL, the Russian Machine Never Breaks podcast, A Unit of Caring, the HTC Vive, and Beat Saber:

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