Audacious Compassion 027 – Holiday Update 2018

No full episode this month, but we give an update on how we’re doing and plug our other work:

  • Melissa’s publishing a trip diary of their Christmas trip to Nuremberg!
  • Gregory has been working on revamping and improving their Patreon.
  • Gregory has a new podcast called Tabletop Garden, where you can listen to short roleplaying campaigns with interesting characters crafted with a focus on intentional, healthy play practices.
  • Very soon we’ll be releasing a special episode of the Future Proof Podcast where you can listen in on a strategy meeting as we figure out where we want to take the company.
  • Gregory is working on a new episode of Ludus Novus, their podcast about the art of interaction.

If you’d like to see a normal episode next month, provide us with a prompt! Send us an everyday situation where it’s difficult for you to stay empathetic or compassionate to:

Audacious Compassion 022 – Two Spaces Per Tab

We discuss bikeshedding, which is when people discussing solutions for a large, complex problem bog themselves down in minutia.

In this episode, we examine a situation in which a discussion about redesigning healthcare in the United States becomes hyper-focused on one aspect of American health and lifestyle.

Content warnings for this episode: discussions of anti-fat sentiment, transphobia, and a brief mention of suicide.

We also talk about the Stardew Valley, NHL, the Russian Machine Never Breaks podcast, A Unit of Caring, the HTC Vive, and Beat Saber:

There’s a special request for ideas related to travel at the very end of the episode. Please hit us up on social media or in the comments.

New this month will be an episode transcription! We’re cleaning up what an automated service provided, but it’ll be up soon.

The transcription is attached to the episode! We welcome any reports of issues or suggestions for improvement. If this solution seems sound, we’ll be using a transcription service going forward and will work on getting transcriptions up for older episodes.

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