Audacious Compassion 008 – Peeved Partner in the Piedmont

We supply our own problem: how to be compassionate toward people who change or learn slower than you think they should? Is it anyone’s problem but your own? What should we do with the problems we’re having with our own family?

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Dear Audacious Compassion,

My partner and I were visiting family recently and ran into a very awkward and painful situation. My partner is transgender and, while our family members are generally socially liberal and accepting of people in society, they consistently used the wrong modes of address for my partner… even literally seconds after a conversation about the right way to do it.

Peeved Partner in the Piedmont

Peeved Partner is, in reality, our own Melissa Avery-Weir. We also talk about My Brother, My Brother, and Me and Night in the Woods.

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