Audacious Compassion 021 – Unironic Devil’s Advocate

We discuss proxy arguments, where people are having a disagreement in place of a wider ideological argument.

In this episode, we look at the current state of the Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange. Why are people getting suspended left and right? Why does IPS seem to have more problems than other similar sites? What can they do to heal?

We also talk about James Comey’s A Higher Loyalty and the new revival of Queer Eye.

For more information on the Spoon Theory, visit Christine Miserandino’s post introducing the concept.

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Audacious Compassion 009 – That Dudebro Shoulder-Bumping Thing

How do you avoid repeated arguments with a person even when there’s nothing to argue about? Sometimes you realize far too late that you actually agree and that you’re just miscommunicating.

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Audacious Compassion 004 – Bone Brigade

We talk about coercive discussion, where someone seems to be trying to provoke you into talking about a topic that will likely lead to an argument.

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