Audacious Compassion 013 – Dull Food Piece

We’ve had a year of Audacious Compassion episodes! Let’s review some of the recurring themes in our chats!
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Audacious Compassion 012 – Your Soul Leaving Your Body

How can you be compassionate (and act compassionately) toward someone with hateful views?
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Audacious Compassion 011 – Compassion for the Pooches

How do you communicate in a group of friends with conventions that grate on your nerves?

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Audacious Compassion 005 – A Pretty Talented Panda Bear

How can you help people when their problems seem like part of an enormous, intractable system? It’s been a tough month for a lot of people and sometimes problems seem beyond us. However, we can each make a difference as long as we learn how to genuinely help and make sure to look after ourselves.

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Podcast Coming Soon

Hello, everyone! Gregory here. Melissa and I have been working on a podcast entitled Audacious Compassion. It’s a show where we explore how to find compassion in the most difficult places in daily life. In each episode we’ll be talking about a question or advice from a friend of the show, so we’d like to hear from you!

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I strive to be a nice/compassionate/empathetic person, but holy crap, I don’t know how to handle this situation gracefully,” let us know what your struggle is! Email us at Let us know what name we should use or if you want to remain anonymous.