Audacious Compassion 026 – Schrödinger’s Ableist

We talk about how to persuade people to be compassionate.

This is a combined October/November episode, with a transcription coming soon! Our prompt came from a friend of the show:

So yeah, like, I play a lot of video games, like you do, and I consider myself open-minded and respectful of other people while playing. I play with a lot of friends who sometimes use certain language that might offend someone of another ethnicity or gender. I try my best to let them know that this kind of behavior is not nice and might scare off anybody else (women/transgender/another race) away from playing video games.  How can I deal with situations like this?

Gregory discussed Unsong, an online book about morality, Kabbalah, and what happens after the world ends. Melissa discussed Naughty No More: Change Unwanted Behaviors Through Positive Reinforcement, a book about training cats. (Other cat behavior management book suggestions are welcome!)

If you have a submission of an everyday situation where it’s difficult for you to stay empathetic or compassionate, write us at: