Audacious Compassion 027 – Holiday Update 2018

No full episode this month, but we give an update on how we’re doing and plug our other work:

  • Melissa’s publishing a trip diary of their Christmas trip to Nuremberg!
  • Gregory has been working on revamping and improving their Patreon.
  • Gregory has a new podcast called Tabletop Garden, where you can listen to short roleplaying campaigns with interesting characters crafted with a focus on intentional, healthy play practices.
  • Very soon we’ll be releasing a special episode of the Future Proof Podcast where you can listen in on a strategy meeting as we figure out where we want to take the company.
  • Gregory is working on a new episode of Ludus Novus, their podcast about the art of interaction.

If you’d like to see a normal episode next month, provide us with a prompt! Send us an everyday situation where it’s difficult for you to stay empathetic or compassionate to: